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  XX September to February, 2015

Woodcock hunting

Woodcock Woodcock (Eurasian woodcock) The scientific name of this bird of about 30-35 cm long and weighing 300-350 g has "jest" ... perhaps why it have many names. Woodcock, deaf, gallinuela, woodcock, arcea ... .in short, "the lady of the forest". And also because his hunting and his "mysterious" and almost "magical" customs arouse passion among fans hunting. Between September and October winter in the Mediterranean basin from their breeding grounds in Europe and Asia, but also breed in northern Spain, and also winter in countries like Iran, Afghanistan and even Burma.

Crepuscular habits, goes to feed at dusk and during the day or bedridden remains hidden in the bush, but carries like a partridge. Crisp and fast flight hunting is hard and sacrificed, and therefore, for lovers of hunting, rewarding.

Woodcock dogs Cinegetica El Tordo has available in the South of Santander and North of Burgos 20,000 hectares, very good for those who love this type of hunting. Loose days hunting with own guide to the organization, and knowledgeable expert terrain, accompanying the hunter or hunting party to the most appropriate areas for contracted days are sold.

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North of Spain, more than 20,000 hectares of hunting permits very limited Woodcock hunting with pointing dogs from 8am. until 14h. We process your hunting license
The price for woodcock is 150 €.
Hotel with breakfast and dinner.