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  XX September to February, 2015

Mouflon Stalking

Hunter with downcast mouflon The mouflon (Ovis musimon). We also hunt this beautiful and robust bovine both in closed and open farms in Cadiz. As you know this is an allochthonous specie that it, introduced in Spain. The first were brought in the 50s of last century from the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Cyprus, but they are perfectly acclimated to our site.

It is a very beautiful and elegant ram that should be in the hunting lodge and in the memory of any hunter.

Mouflon from the spotlight It is one of the most resistant to shooting animals and his hunting is always difficult, but not particularly hard and the beating down is guaranteed.

Featured items

The mouflon can hunt every day from October to mid-February.
There are several types of program, you can check the prices on the "Prices"
Farms with mouflon at a fixed price - € 900
Farms out hunting terrain and save - € 50
Mouflon on farms with prestige:
- Selective Muflón: - 500 € -
- Muflón Representative - 800 €
- Bronze Mouflon (from 185 to 199.9 CIC pts.) - € 1,200
- Silver Muflón (from 195 to 204.9 CIC pts.) - € 1,900
- Golden Muflón (from 205 onwards) - € 2,500
Check prices for stay.