From October to February


Antonio Manuel with woodcock pieces Cinegetica El Tordo organizes all seasons between 4 and 6 monterías in the unique setting of Los Alcornocales Park in Cadiz, with a microclimate that generates a high rate of annual rainfall, resulting in a lush strawberry tree, heather, bushes, ferns .... along with endless cork trees, dotted with oaks, and orography precious dumps in "canutos", "Herrizas" and "mojeas". In this environment the echoes of the you bark and special voices of the handlers, ahead bring you unforgettable sets that are no better than in other monterías of Andalusia, just with a different flavor.

We always perform these huntings in open farms in the most appropriate dates for the best possible results and very low prices.

Hunting pieces We also have a couple of closed farms for small groups of hunters, 8-12 positions with very high quality deer, mouflon and combined with pigs. These are huntings upscale with "venaos" of 180-190 points CIC and one of more than 200 points CIC.

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