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  XX September to February, 2015

Fallow Deer Stalking:

Fallow Deer The fallow deer (Dama dama) This beautiful deer, regarded by some as an zoo animal, is really an important big game hunting species both in the form of hunting and stalking, especially in the heat and smell. With our company you can hunt in all possible ways.

In this environment have been hunted deer which are among the global top of the specie. Especially interesting is hunting deer in hoarse, more difficult than the rut, because "in a Lentiscar you have a deer in a hoarse not ahead not behind."

Downcast Fallow Deer The environment where hunting takes place is heavenly, in the Natural Park of the Alcornocales, whose geographical situation has a special microclimate with abundant rainfall and lush vegetation of Mount "noble" (mastic, wild olive, heather, ... .You can hunt with us both, large fenced farms and open farms and always with good specimens in it. you can even catch a deer melanin (black) if you like.

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The deer can be hunted every day of the week from October to mid-February
In open farms:
- Selective - 500 €.
- Representative - 800 €.
- Medals - € 1200.
- Check hunting stores and SUV - € 50.
Very prestigious gated estates:
- Check prices for major trophies over 200 points in the park of the cork.
Check prices for stay