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  XX September to February, 2015

Deer Stalking

Deer hunting "The venao" (Cervus elaphus), this is how we call it in Cadiz. The venao also has its own hallmark in our beautiful Acorns simply for being the southernmost of Europe. Of course there are some with small antler and also with great antlers as throughout our country, but the farther the north we move even beyond our borders, either by weather conditions, either by natural food, the tendency of all ungulates is to be larger both in body size, weight and size horn, fur density ...

That is why our venao is smaller but the good ones have one, stout, dark horn with a palm or crown usually cup-shaped, with enough points (16,18,20,22), which contrast sharply with his body.

Free Deer The rutting of the venao in our environment is special for the beauty and virginity of the hunting grounds ... is also special the rutting in Los Montes del Saja, or Riano, Mampodre or the Sierra de la Culebra ... ..but we are in Cádiz ... .and also have to hunt here in rut. We have exclusive no commercial large preserves with very good trophies, medallables course ...... and for demanding hunters also have a hunting ground with venaos over 200 CIC points and up to 30 points. A blast.

Featured items

The deer hunting can be performed in different open farms in the Parque de los Alcornocales. For hunting in fenced farms with much prestige. Deer have over 200 points of several farms according to what the customer wants, check prices. You can go hunting every day of the week from September 15 until mid-February.
Selective - € 600 Representative - € 900 Trophy - € 1300 There is also the output mode of hunting terrain and keep the price of 50 €.
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